Why It Works

OptoPrep has helped students from every accredited optometry school prepare for the NBEO®, with over 2,000 unique questions and explanations and a format that mimics the NBEO®.

How Many

In 6 years, over 12 million questions have been answered and OptoPrep has helped over 7,000 students prepare for the NBEO® with 4,000 active users participating in our Daily Dose emails.

How Much

Students that use OptoPrep Part I have a greater than 20% better pass rate than the 2017 national average. An overwhelming 95% of Part I and Part II users would recommend this program to another student. Over 90% agree that OptoPrep is the resource they found most helpful in their exam preparation.

Study Smarter, Not Harder

As you begin to study for the NBEO® we understand that your time is limited and valuable. This is why OptoPrep has been designed to help you study in the most efficient and effective way possible. Whether you are preparing for Part I, Part II, or TMOD only, our content is relentlessly reviewed, and it's close enough to the real exam that you'll feel confident, prepared, and ready to pass the NBEO®. Your life outside of Optometry is so important too. That is why we strive to deliver quality over quantity; the questions and content you'll see in the program really pack a punch.

We know what passing the NBEO® means to you. We know what it feels like to add those two big letters after your name. We know that the profession is truly a calling. And that's why we do what we do.


Written by specialists A Crisp & Comprehensive Package of Content

We've taken the guess work out of what you need to know and packaged it so you can focus on learning. Our comprehensive pool of practice and exam-style questions all come with detailed explanations, and incorrectly answered questions are automatically recycled so you will see them again and again until you get them right. But we didn't stop there.

Review Key Topics with PowerPages Topical Reviews with PowerPages

We know it's probably been awhile since you reviewed some subjects, and you probably don't have time to look it all up again. Don't sweat it! We've got you covered with PowerPages, to-the-point PDFs on dozens of topics you are likely to encounter on the NBEO®.

Image-rich Studying with PowerPix Concise and Visual PowerPix

Needing something a little more interactive for review? We've covered that too with PowerPix! This database of images helps you visually review ocular conditions and diagnostic testing results in a flashcard-like format. Remember, case-based questions in Part II have images to review, so this feature is great for visual learners wanting to practice for the actual test!

Study with the Actual NBEO Format Feels Just Like the Real Thing

Knowledge is only one piece of the puzzle. We don't want the unknown to trip you up on exam day! So we've made it top priority for OptoPrep to look and feel just like the real thing. Wondering how much time you have left? It's there. Need an on-screen calculator? We've got it. How about the ability to mark questions for later review (Part I only), we've done that too!

Timed Exams There's No Better Prep Tool Than Our Timed Exams

Even our timed-exams look like the real thing! By working your way up to a 185 question timed exam over a period of four hours (Part I only), you will be preparing yourself for the mental and physical strain of one full section of the real test.

Detailed Metrics Focus with Detailed Stats

We even provide you with detailed statistics on your progress so you know where to focus your efforts, and how far you've come since beginning the program.

Choose the Plan that's Right for You Finding the Study Sweet Spot

For many students, beginning to study a few months before the exam is adequate time. For those wishing to take full advantage of all PowerPages and PowerPix, beginning three to six months before the exam is the way to go. Focus first on strategic subject review, and then dive into the practice questions and timed exams.

Answer choices are randomized Go for the Gold

Remember, because of the way we recycle the questions you answer incorrectly, the ones you leave unfinished are the ones you kept getting wrong! The Progress Bar will help you know exactly what amount you have completed. If it says 75%, that means that you have yet to master 25% of the content. Don't leave it behind! We highly recommend finishing all of OptoPrep before your exam, to put you in the best position for success.

Your Success is Important to Us

We relentlessly review our program to ensure that it's close enough to the real exam so you will feel confident, prepared, and ready to pass the NBEO® and become an optometrist. But exam prep is only the beginning, we're ready to do so much more.

While we've made great strides over the years helping students, organizations, and optometrists, we're finally getting the chance to spread our wings. We'll be your support through your days as an optometry student, and through the months of preparation for your big test. We want to help YOU - and our profession - continue to grow for many years to come. Learn more below about OptoPrep and our commitment to improving the field of optometric medicine and the community pushing it forward.


The Trusted Way to Prepare for the NBEO®

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