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Our Team, Our Community

After more than six years of providing optometry students with the best NBEO® review program, we're still in love with learning. Our team shares that passion, and even though we may live all across the globe, our commitment to your education keeps us tightly connected.

Amanda Dexter, OD, FAAO

Medical Director

I know first-hand how stressful it is studying for what seems like endless hours for essentially the most important exams of your entire life. I had the sleepless nights, I experienced the overwhelming anxiety, and I dealt with the fear of potentially not passing the NBEO®. I became involved with OptoPrep to help try to ease students' immense stress that goes along with taking the national boards exams - to help them be more confident going into the tests and to provide them all the support and tools they need to efficiently prepare for the exams, so that when it comes down to it, they feel calm and ready to nail the NBEO®!

Robert Gordon, OD, FAAO

Medical & Program Advisor

I have been involved with optometric education for over 25 years as a lecturer, clinical preceptor, and as an Associate Dean of Clinical Education. I have witnessed the stress and anxiety our third and fourth year students experience when it comes time to design their individual study approaches to prepare for the NBEO®. I was excited to be given the opportunity to assist in the development of OptoPrep, as I view this course as an important part of our students' preparation for the NBEO®. It is very rewarding to review the comments from OptoPrep students as they describe how this program has facilitated their exam preparation.

Janay Sekhon, OD

Medical & Program Advisor

Having experienced information-paralysis while studying for the NBEO® exams, I was thrilled to be a part of a project that allowed for a unique web-based learning tool that was very much lacking when I was a student. OptoPrep delivers information in a succinct and comprehensible format allowing for long-term retention instilling confidence and resulting in less apprehension. As a practicing optometrist, I feel that quality care for my patients is paramount. The ability to provide such care begins with a strong foundation. Ensuring superior education serves to allow for enrichment and the continual advancement of our magnificent profession.

Katie Jack
Program Manager

Brian Jensen

Daniel Steinberg
Customer Experience

Erik Manassy

Cerra Teng
Creative Brand Lead

Michael Freedman

Ilana Welch

Chris Crane

Daniel Vu

Stan Lin

Doug Peterson
Database & Server Management

Our Founders

Dr. Ira Gordon

There's nothing else we'd rather be doing with our other time than working together to solve problems and build things, especially build things.

When I think about what we'll be doing in the future I think that we're going to continue to improve our existing products that we built for people to try to make sure that we're taking advantage of the new technologies that our users want to use and find most helpful. And then we're going to be looking to solve the next problem that we think we can make a difference for. We don't know exactly what that's going to be but we can't wait to try.

Our Founders

Dr. Mauricio Dujowich

All of a sudden it became very real that you know, wow, we were right on it that people wanted something that they can count on and they appreciate all the hard work we put into it. And this just sort of fueled us to continue to build upon that and that's kind of what we tried to do with everything that we've done and we've been fortunate to have a team that believes and feels that way about everything that we embark on.

We're a group of people that solve problems. And we started this because we wanted to solve the problem of no good way to study for boards. And you know it's still something that we're really trying to make perfect because there's always ways to become better.

Our Founders

Dr. Steve Shaw

Really the only way to be able to make this all work is by having a great team of people. And I think all of us really enjoy working with each other and the fact that we're all good friends as well. We're best friends.

There's no way that it would work if we weren't talking to each other either early in the morning before our jobs that we go to during the day or late at night or on the weekends. And so the fact that we really reach out to have these kind of late phone meetings, I think that really just shows how well we work together and our commitment to each other and to the company.

Our Founders

Eric Chan

For me we're all really passionate about the mission, we're committed to the students that we serve, the industry that we serve and we're committed to the employees that work for the company.

It has been an enriching experience. I'm a nerd and a technologist, and a lot of things are black and white and ones and zeros. And what the guys have taught me is that running a business, helping students, and having that vision and contributing back to the community is not about zeros and ones. Just working with the guys (Ira, Mauricio, and Steve) and their passion and really, their compassion for students learning, about wanting to help them, has actually made me a better person and has made me make life decisions not just based on formulas and ones and zeroes but you know, coming from the heart. So it has definitely been something positive in my life.

Advancing Education, Our Community,
and Your Career

After more than a decade of helping students pass their boards, we're just getting started. We're deeply committed to the communities and fields that we serve and, grounded by our love of learning, we'll be with you every step of the way.

Our History: How It All Began

XPrep Learning Solutions was created with the purpose of enhancing the lives of our students while giving back to their community and advancing their future industry. It all began in 2004 when veterinary board preparation needed a change. Taking four years of knowledge and determining the best way to prepare for the most important exam of your life can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Three of our founders lived this firsthand and vowed to change the way veterinary students approached board preparation. VetPrep was born in 2006 and has since eased the lives of over 44,000 students to date.

"OptoPrep is more than just preparing students to pass the NBEO®. We hope that with our program and all of the information that we provide to our students that we also help them become better doctors. We have attempted to add in clinical scenarios through our cases, questions, explanations, and supplemental material so that our users can actually implement what they have learned through our program in their clinical practice!"

After years of helping veterinary students achieve success, we realized that optometry students were dealing with the same level of difficulty and stress when it came to their board preparation. We assembled a talented team of optometry specialists, faculty members, and business professionals and got to work preparing the perfect balance of content and tools for busy students on the go. OptoPrep first became available in 2011 as a Part I only program and rapidly was requested as a Part II study tool. Today we stand by our mission to continuously make NBEO® board preparation as simple and efficient as possible because we have been in your shoes and we are here to help you become the best student and practicing optometrist you can be. Advancing education, our community, and your career - it all starts with you!

Giving Back

OptoPrep's mission is not only to improve the lives of optometry students but to also improve the field of optometric education through our efforts to give back. Through community giving, organizational giving and through our XPrep initiatives, we are hoping to a lead the way toward a better future in the optometric profession. If you would like our support or think OptoPrep should get involved in a philanthropic endeavor, please contact us today.



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