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Study with the Actual NBEO Format

Study with the Actual NBEO® Format

Every aspect of our practice exams was carefully designed to simulate a real NBEO® exam

Questions Written by Experts

Questions Written by Experts

Carefully crafted questions and detailed answer explanations written and peer-reviewed by experts

Review Key Topics with PowerPages

Review Key Topics with PowerPages

Detailed summaries for quick and efficient review of key NBEO® subjects

Image-rich Studying with PowerPix

Image-rich Studying with PowerPix

Visually review ocular conditions in a flashcard-like format, in either Review or Quiz mode

Focused TMOD-only Mode

Focused TMOD-only Study Mode

Flip a switch and only TMOD-relevant content is served, better preparing you for that portion of the Part II Exam

24/7 Access on both PC and Mobile

24/7 Access on Any Device

Access OptoPrep 24/7, anywhere with an Internet connection from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

Detailed Metrics

Detailed Metrics

Statistics and graphs allow you to track your performance and more effectively allocate study time

Choose the Plan that's Right for You

Choose the Best Plan for You

Multiple subscription lengths are available, with study plans tailored to ensure success

Peace of Mind, Guaranteed

Peace of Mind, Guaranteed

All plans are backed by the OptoPrep Guarantee

Your website was a lifesaver to me. I had taken the Part 1 exam multiple times only missing the cut off by a handful of questions. After doing all of your review questions, I really learned how to think through the questions more effectively and it really solidified my understanding of the concepts. It was definitely money well spent. I passed the Part 1 exam by a ton of questions and I owe it all to your product. I will recommend your website to my colleagues. Thanks again.


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