The information and knowledge I have gained through the OptoPrep program has helped me become a better student, scientist, and clinician. I feel more confident performing comprehensive eye exams for patients after going through the OptoPrep program.

I am so grateful for this program, as it truly helps prepare you for the live exam. I love that you can answer questions by section or randomly, and the exam section was extremely beneficial. Thank you, OptoPrep!


I am currently a 4th year student who just passed Part I of the NBEO®. I think OptoPrep prepared me for taking the exam by helping me understand what areas I needed to work on. By completing over 1,000 questions, I was continually testing the material that I was going over and modifying my studying accordingly.


I would recommend this program because of its efficiency and organization. It's the best way to condition your mindset going into the exam come test day. It helped explain some concepts in a different way that made some subjects easier to understand.


I think OptoPrep does a good deal of challenging you to think outside the box, much like Boards do. If there is something you forgot or didn't understand OptoPrep makes it easy to see why you got the question wrong and other topics related.


The answers OptoPrep provides are very thorough and the links to further info are novel! I love that it lets you push yourself to learn. I passed the NBEO® on the first try and with great scores!


OptoPrep really helped me to solidify concepts and the details involved. It really helped to have a source that had challenging questions with thorough explanations.


I would recommend OptoPrep because it helped to relieve the anxiety of test taking. The more you do, the more comfortable you become answering board-like questions.


Well worth the money. The excellent question formatting and presentation kept me well prepared for the test.


It was an amazing tool for someone who studies well with questions. It allowed me to test my knowledge, to figure out my weaknesses, and helped me prepare for the type of questions on the exam.


This was an incredible resource to use for studying for Part I of the NBEO®. I used OptoPrep to show me the material that I knew well and the material I needed to brush up on. It cut down lots of time reading through my class notes. I learn best by doing practice questions and OptoPrep was incredible for this. Thanks OptoPrep!


I recently purchased OptoPrep in preparation for my Part I board examination for Aug and I am very pleased to share with you that it has helped me successfully complete this 10 year obstacle in my career. I have literally tried everything I could including purchasing all kinds of books, other review courses, one-on-one tutoring, but your website was so thorough with explanations and closely paralleled the actual test format that I believe it was just what I needed for success. Super excited and wish you continued success. I will definitely recommend to everyone I know.


I used OptoPrep to prepare for Part I of Boards. What I liked most of all was that it helped guide my studies in terms of areas of strengths and weaknesses. I found the answer explanations to be extremely helpful as well. When people ask me what they should study to be successful on boards, OptoPrep is always my first recommendation.


OptoPrep was a major asset in mastery of the NBEO®. They simulate the exam experience as closely as possible and provide explanations for questions to build your knowledge for the boards as well as your practice.


I was very impressed by the standardized and professional orientation of the questions. Other resources are great as well, but are lacking in this aspect. Even if I was struggling with a topic on the boards, I had at least seen a similar scenario by doing your questions as preparation. Due to this organization, I will be purchasing your Part II preparation as well. Thank you for helping me to guide myself in succeeding on Part I.


I felt OptoPrep was a great preparation for Part II. There were no surprises and I was able to practice the computer format before the actual format. I felt it was worth every penny. OptoPrep does a great job and I am glad that I did it.


I am a Canadian, attending school at the Illinois College of Optometry. OptoPrep helped to solidify my knowledge and understanding of ocular conditions, especially when it came to preparing for the national board exams. I'm currently a fourth year student ready to graduate in a few weeks, and I highly recommend this program.


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