It's highly recommended

I used OptoPrep to prepare for Part 1 of boards. What I liked most of all was that it helped guide my studies in terms of areas of strengths and weaknesses. I found the answer explanations to be extremely helpful as well. When people ask me what they should study to be successful on boards, OptoPrep is always my first recommendation.


I recently purchased your program in preparation for my part I board examination for Aug and I am very pleased to share with you that it has helped me successfully complete this 10 year obstacle in my career. I have literally tried everything I could including purchasing all kinds of books, other review courses, one on one tutoring, but your website was so thorough with explanations and closely paralleled the actual test format that I believe it was just what needed for success. Super excited and wish you continued success. I will definitely recommend to everyone I know.

Miriam, Salus University

It's the most efficient and effective way to study

This was an incredible resource to use for studying for Part 1 of the NBEO. I used OptoPrep to show me the material that I knew well and the material I needed to brush up on. It cut down lots of time reading through my class notes. I learn best by doing practice questions and OptoPrep was incredible for this. Thanks OptoPrep!

Justin, The Ohio State University

Great way to practice the format of Part 2! Helped me navigate through the questions efficiently on the exam.

Preeti, AZCOPT

OptoPrep is an outstanding source for NBEO part II preparation!! The interactive simulator for testing oneself is a great way to assess ones knowledge and thus prepare a study plan accordingly!

Sadia, IAUPR

It's a great value

I felt OptoPrep was a great preparation for Part 2. There were no surprises and I was able to practice the computer format before the actual format. I felt it was worth every penny. OptoPrep does a great job and I am glad that I did it.


Your website was a lifesaver to me. I had taken the Part 1 exam multiple times only missing the cut off by a handful of questions. After doing all of your review questions, I really learned how to think through the questions more effectively and it really solidified my understanding of the concepts. It was definitely money well spent. I passed the Part 1 exam by a ton of questions and I owe it all to your product. I will recommend your website to my colleagues. Thanks again.

Pamela, Indiana University School of Optometry

Students love Part I so much they get the Part II study plan too

Thank you all. I used your services for Part 1 & 2.

Ryan, Inter American University of Puerto Rico

I was very impressed by the standardized and professional orientation of the questions. Other resources are great resource as well, but are lacking in this aspect. Even if I was struggling with a topic on the boards, I had at least saw a similar scenario by doing your questions as preparation. Due to this organization, I will be purchasing your Part II preparation as well. Thank you for helping me to guide myself in succeeding on Part I.


You'll be ready for exam day because it feels just like the NBEO®

I felt more comfortable during the exam because the layout was very similar to OptoPrep Part II.

Michael, Western University of Health Sciences College of Optometry

Optoprep was a major asset in mastery the NBEO. They simulate the exam experience as closely as possible and provide explanation for questions to build your knowledge for the boards as well as your practice.

Kambiz, Western University of Health Sciences College of Optometry

OptoPrep was very helpful in preparing me for the NBEO exams. To feel more at ease before taking the NBEO exams I recommend taking and completing the OptoPrep course.

Arthur, SUNY

OptoPrep was a great way to get in the test-taking mode!! Highly recommend it!!


I felt this was a good product for getting into the feel of how questions would be on boards. I supplemented it by reading Dr. Remington's anatomy book and another review guide. I feel like you get more bang for your buck here than other resources.

MaKay, Pacific University

Great additional study tool that helped me become more comfortable with the NBEO setup. When I took the exam, I knew the format and was ready to go.

Nash, Indiana University

I thought OptoPrep's format and questions were great preparation for NBEO Part 2. The format made it easy to continue to be motivated to study. Thank you!

Jacob, Pacific University

It's way better than memorizing from a book

Optoprep was one of the tools I used to study for Boards Part 1 and 2. It was an excellent way of preparing me to approach, think about, and answer board questions. One thing that I found out from doing OptoPrep is that practice questions are crucial in order to truly prepare for these exams. Reading alone can only teach you so much, but having practice questions really allows you to have the experience of taking the boards exam before you actually sit for it. OptoPrep explains all of the answers to their questions and why are they are right or wrong, along with stressing key points, allowing you to not only get good at answering practice questions but also to further expand your knowledge on topics found on the actual board exam. I would highly recommend that students use this study program for Part 1 and Part 2 of their optometry board preparation.


What OptoPrep gave me was a way to clinically think through questions. Pure memorization from a book only goes so far.


Students love the comprehensive explanations and questions

The OptoPrep Part 2 guide helped me understand the format of the questions used on the exam, and the explanations for correct and incorrect answers were very helpful. I liked the option for completing only one case if I only had a few minutes to spare, and the larger case examples when I really wanted to spend more time on them. Having pictures and easy access to the case and drug lists was also a plus. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get more prepared for Part 2.

Brittany, NECO

I thought that the questions were very well built, very clinical based, and they truly reflected a great preparation to introduce/challenge the graduating student when in the optometry patient care.

Mai, Southern College of Optometry

I thought OptoPrep was a valuable tool in preparing for NBEO Part 2. I liked that during the review of questions and answers, explanations were given for both the correct answers and also the reason why the wrong answers were incorrect.

Justin, AZCOPT

You can use it anywhere and anytime you want

Online and convenient. Could study on my terms, whenever I wanted. Mobile use was easy, too. I'd highly recommend OptoPrep. Wouldn't have done anything differently.

Massoud, The Ohio State University

OptoPrep really helped my concentrate my efforts for NBEO Part I. I liked it most because I could always review on down time.

Rachel, Western University of Health Sciences College of Optometry

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